Thursday, July 14, 2005

my flashing stories

I thought I'd tell you about my love for flashing my pussy and bottom.

I'm 21, single and I live in a town in the NW of England and usually even on hot days there is quite a breeze. On days like this I love to put on a short skirt or dress and go out without any panties on. It's a real thrill to be walking along a street and feel the wind blowing my skirt up, I always pretend not to notice so my pussy and bottom are on display quite a lot. I've often had guys following me around, keeping a bit of a distance but close enough to see my bare bottom as my skirt blows up. If I'm sure there is no-one else around I'll stop to let them catch up to me and then bend right over and spread my cheeks for them to get a proper look. I've been propositioned a lot, but the most I've ever done is let a guy watch me finger myself or let them watch me pee. I've also given hand jobs to two different guys who got their cocks out to flash me back.

One of my favourite poses is to sit on some steps with my knees up and my feet apart. Anyone passing by can see up my skirt and see my pussy on full show. Many times people have stopped right in front of me to pretend to tie their shoelaces or check their shopping bags while having a good look. It never stops surprising me how many women stop to have a good look too, lots of women aged in their 30s and 40s stop to have a good look, this always turns me on loads and I'm often left showing a very damp pussy.

Another favourite place to flash is in Charity Shops as the changing rooms are nearly always a cubicle in the shop with a curtain. I'll choose some clothes to try on and leave a nice gap in the changing room curtain. When I try clothes on I always take all my clothes off so I'm completely naked for anyone who has a look in. I've put on many good shows for people who are pretending to browse in the shop but have their eyes firmly fixed on my naked body.

I am always nude at home, my neighbours often get a good look at me and there's one guy who has openly masturbated in full view of me a couple of times while he watches me. I guess if he has the nerve to come round we could end up having a nice time together...